The Righteous Villains are a modern blues band, with Chicago style leanings, that hails from Buffalo, New York. Playing as a quartet since March of 2022, they recently recorded a full length album of original music. The album ‘Unusual Suspects' was released on all streaming platforms and CD in August of 2023. Their compelling original songs are woven seamlessly into their live set with classic blues numbers from Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf and other great blues artists throughout history captivating audiences whenever they perform.

To arrange a booking contact or call 716-544-1470.

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The Righteous Villains

On their debut album, Unusual Suspects, the Righteous Villains flirt with a myriad of classic blues styles while forging new ground. Filtering Chicago and Memphis grooves through an old-school West Coast template, they create a groove that swings as much as it rocks.

“We consider ourselves modern blues,” notes guitarist Brian Gerbracht. “We don’t play in the traditional 12-bar, 1-4-5, mode too much. When you have three songwriters bringing in different ideas it’s almost a guarantee things are going to go in a number of directions, the trick is to bring it all together so it makes sense.” “We build on the blues, it’s the foundation that holds it all together,” adds bandleader/harp player Don Wegrzynowski.

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Unusual Suspects

Unusual Suspects winds its way across 11 songs that plumb almost every corner of the blues landscape in way or another while maintaining a very forward-thinking musical mindset. Vintage rock and soul figure prominently as well, adding just enough balance to show these are very much fine-tuned works and not off-the-cuff creations.

Like looking out your windshield and rearview mirror simultaneously, Righteous Villains keep an ear to the past and an eye on the future in the same breath. 

Rising From The Ashes

The first song from the album Unusual Suspects

Finally Free

The second song from the album Unusual Suspects

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